Southern Cross Austereo Launches Investment and Content Partnership With Omny

Southern Cross Austereo has embarked on an exciting one-of-a kind investment and content partnership with Omny – the personal radio product launched in Australia late last year – which allows mobile users to create their own personal radio experience made up of show content, their favourite music and updates they love without the need to continually switch apps and service providers.

Omny unifies content consumption and now with Southern Cross Austereo’s involvement, the existing content offer for users will deepen significantly. The result of this investment and partnership will see SCA’s radio stations and content available to consumers on Omny. Like never before, users will be able to personalise the curation of content via streaming audio.


Southern Cross Austereo Director of Digital & Innovation Clive Dickens said, “One of Radio’s USP has always been the ability to weave content; music, news, sports and personality into one seamless experience, but with the arrival of Omny we aim to improve it still further by taking one giant step closer to a truly personalised radio experience”

OMNY Co-founder and CTO Andrew Armstrong, said, “Partnering with Southern Cross Austereo lets us accelerate our vision to improve the way people enjoy radio. Now Omny users can include the best radio shows in their personal radio station alongside music and personal Social updates.”


Southern Cross Austereo expects that through its latest investment initiative with Omny,  it will reach even more Australians via mobile.   Since the launch of SCA’s new apps last October, the company has had over 750,000 installs  and with over 65% of SCA’s 2.2m unique online audience access content via a mobile browser – Mobile has helped propel SCA to become one the most mobile optimized publisher in Australia (source: Nielsen Market Intelligence (Domestic) – Mobile Avg. Daily UBs of the Top 20 Australian Publishers ranked by Avg. Daily UBs (all devices) – Period: October 2013 – December 2013.)


More about Omny:

Omny is more than a music streaming app. It pulls in content and music to create a personalised radio station. The app pulls content from:

  • Weather forecasts
  • Your Facebook feed (telling you who’s birthday it is and other updates)
  • Your Email account(s) (telling you how many unread emails you have, the subject lines, and more detail if you like)
  • Premium radio shows (through partners like Southern Cross Austereo)
  • Music (through Spotify, Songl, Rdio and your own songs via iTunes)