Hamish & Andy’s Global Choir

Hamish & Andy’s Global Choir

Hamish and Andy in partnership with HTC and the ‘One Day I Will’ campaign decided to create a Global Choir using Daft Punk’s song ‘Around The World’.

Project Highlights


Hamish & Andy put out the call to all of their global listeners to be a part of their global choir.

The song was "Around The World" by Daft Punk and there were two tracks needed, the beat track and the lyrical track.

Listeners from all around the world sent in their videos which were then collated into an awesome montage of voices in an integrated virtual choir video.


SCA Digital came together with Hamish & Andy and HTC to create a website for listeners to go to watch video tutorials and upload their chosen track to be included in the final global choir edit.

A long with social posts, on air promotions and banners from our stations websites thousands of listeners across the globe sent in their videos with only 50 lucky finalists being chosen for the final video.

Watch the Global Choir here

The Results