Tuning Your Listening Devices

There’s something for everyone on digital radio. From jazz to rock, classical to hip-hop and speech to sport, there’s a station to suit everyone.

You can listen to digital radio in a number of different ways: DAB digital radios, Online & on Smart TV sets. If you listen on a digital radio set, you’ll get access to FM stations, plus other stations you already know and love, as well as a wide range of digital-only stations.

It is good to retune your radio every now & then to get new stations available in your area. In some cases, you might need to retune your DAB receiver manually. We have created an informational web site with all the details & settings required here :

Some devices even allow you to listen to online radio however it might require some tuning.

streamlist.southerncrossaustereo.com.au – This site will give you direct access to Southern Cross Austereo audio streams via HLS or RTSP for manual setup of your DAB receiver. A JSON link is also provided for application integration.