Introducing Spark – SCA’s first hackathon

SCA Digital’s “Spark” initiative is a brand new internal event which takes its inspiration from hackathons. Hackathons have been popular in startup and progressive tech business communities for over a decade, and are designed to produce ideas, prototypes and solutions in a focused period of time.

Our first Spark event was held in the Sydney office in mid-September and achieved our aim of “igniting creativity” with great success. The event saw participation from 35 staff members across 7 teams, all of which produced compelling prototypes and pitches to sell their ideas to a judging panel of Vijay Solanki (Chief Digital Enablement Officer), Mike “Fitzy” Fitzpatrick (Head of Triple M Network), Silvana Tagand (Director of Local Sales, Sydney) and Steve Brown (Director of Digital Sales and Operations)

Check out the video below!

We’re excited about the phenomenal work from all of the teams involved, as well as the future potential of Spark events to continue providing an opportunity for new and exciting expressions of creativity and innovation within the business.

Spark was produced with the assistance of Hack Days Australia