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Super Skin

320x50 / Custom


The Super Skin is the perfect way to take a sponsorship to the next level.  Designed to be the ‘skins’ for mobile, the Super Skin provides that extra screen real estate to get the full message across to the audience.  Combined with a Mobile Leadeboard, the Super Skin can expand on user-initiation to provide full screen messaging.


Platform: Mobile Web


Size: 320×50 / Custom

Browser/Device: iPhone: iOS 8+ / iPhone 5 and up. Safari only.
Android OS 4.4+ / Samsung S5 and up screen size. Android stock and Google Chrome browser


  • Maximum 1x week bursts
  • A close button must be incorporated on the top corner
  • Served to mobile web only (no apps)
  • Frequency capped at 1 impression per user, per day

Mobile Supported Actions

  • Press/Tap to Call (direct connection from the phone to the advertisers call centre)
  • Press/Tap to download iOS application (link to page in App store)
  • Press/Tap to download pod cast or song from iTunes
  • Press/Tap to launch video (video will open and play in the device’s native player)
  • Press/Tap to link to your mobile site


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