Correct as of 17/12/2017

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Mobile Video Drive-by

320x50 / 375x160


The Mobile Drive-by is a custom built video experience for the modern scrolling user.  As the user scrolls through the site content, the Drive-by pins the video to the top of the page keeping out of the user’s way whilst ensuring a viewable advertising experience.

Platform: Mobile Web

Format: 15 Seconds

Size: 320×50 / 375×160

Browser/Device: iPhone: iOS 8+ / iPhone 5 and up. Safari only.
Android OS 4.4+ / Samsung S5 and up screen size. Android stock and Google Chrome browser


  • 15 second Videos
  • Served to mobile web only (no apps)
  • Frequency capped at 1 impression per user, per hour

Mobile Supported Actions

  • Press/Tap to Call (direct connection from the phone to the advertisers call centre)
  • Press/Tap to download iOS application (link to page in App store)
  • Press/Tap to download pod cast or song from iTunes
  • Press/Tap to link to your mobile site


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