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Mobile OTP – Over The Page

320x50 / 300x250


Creative takes over the screen of a mobile device for 5 seconds, making it a high impact property for a premium branding experience that provides the client with maximum screen coverage for a highly engaging user experience.

It also allows the user to tap through to the client’s website for further information.

Platform: Mobile Web


Size: 320×50 & 300×250 (both sizes required)

Elements: Auto-initiated, 5 second Over The Page ad with close button capped at 1/user/day. Static jpg/png or 2-scene GIF.



  • Maximum 1x week bursts
  • A close button must be incorporated on the top right-hand corner of the 300×250 file
  • Served to mobile web only (no apps)
  • OTP appears for 5 seconds before automatically closing
  • Frequency capped at 1 impression per user,
    per day


Mobile Supported Actions

  • Press/Tap to Call (direct connection from the phone to the advertisers call centre)
  • Press/Tap to download iOS application (link to page in App store)
  • Press/Tap to download pod cast or song from iTunes
  • Press/Tap to launch video (video will open and play in the device’s native player)
  • Press/Tap to link to your mobile site


Ad Specifications

Device Dimensions Retina Display (High Res.) Max File Size File Format Animations Looping Audio 3rd Party Tags Accepted
Mobile web only 300×250 600×500 80kb JPG, GIF or PNG Max 3 scene GIF (Static or under 5 sec preferred) No No Ad tags or 1 set of impression & click tracking tags


Deadlines for client-supplied creative:

Please supply creative to the Digital Ad Ops team 3 business days prior to launch


Production Notes and Deadlines for SCA-produced creative:

If SCA is producing Billboard creative for your campaign, please supply the following:

  • Campaign imagery
  • Client’s brand guidelines/style guide
  • Fonts
  • Logos
  • Copy for each frame – Each frame has a 10 word or less limit – Max of 3 frames

There is a 10-day turnaround for production of  animated ads and a 5-day turnaround for static (non-animated) ads

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