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Mobile Butterfly

150x150 / Full Screen


The Mobile Butterfly hovers in the bottom left corner of the screen to maximise a positive user experience with an animated countdown timer.  If the user chooses to interact with the Butterfly, the ad will expand to full screen to display full client messaging with a strong call to action.  If the user closes the Butterfly or it times out, a Mobile Leaderboard leave behind banner will appear.

Download the PSD template

Platform: Mobile web

Format: HTML 5

Size: 150×150 / Full Screen (320×50 leave behind)

ElementsAnimated hovers creative which expands to full screen on user-initiation. Contains a close button to return the user to the leave-behind banner


  • A close button must be incorporated on the top right-hand corner of the ad
  • Served to mobile web only (no apps)

Mobile Supported Actions

  • Press/Tap to Call (direct connection from the phone to the advertisers call centre)
  • Press/Tap to download iOS application (link to page in App store)
  • Press/Tap to download pod cast or song from iTunes
  • Press/Tap to launch video (video will open and play in the device’s native player)
  • Press/Tap to link to your mobile site

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