Correct as of 23/07/2018

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Animated OTP – Over The Page

300x250 / Full Page


The custom animated OTP is a bespoke solution for the greatest on-screen impact.  The creative launches from the mrec and takes over the page with an integrated animation for a seamless, unique user experience to get the brand message across.

Platform: Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

Format: HTML5

Size: 300×250 / Custom

ElementsAuto-initiated, animated Over The Page ad with countdown timer & close button capped at 1/user/day.



  • Maximum 1x week bursts
  • A close button must be incorporated on the top right-hand corner of the expanded file
  • Served to Desktop, Tablet & Mobile web only (no Apps)
  • OTP automatically closes after timeout
  • Maximum 15 second duration
  • Frequency capped at 1 impression per user,
    per day


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