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Mega Ad

Parallax / Responsive


Ad to be supplied as 5x separate files (3x images, copy in a txt file & layered PSD)

Download the PSD template with instructions

  1. Client Logo – max width 200px, height 80px – PNG max 50kb
  2. Main/Campaign Image – 555x520px – PNG max 50kb – Must have Transparent Background
  3. Background Image – 1400x800px – max file 100kb, JPG or PNG
  4. Layered PSD (photoshop file) containing full design
  5. Text file containing copy & HTML colours

Main/Campaign Image:

  • Must be supplied as a transparent PNG to allow the background appear through it
  • Due to the responsive nature of the creative, the image must not be cropped on the top, left and right sides

Character limits:

  • Copy to be supplied separately from images in a txt file (notepad)
  • Ad Copy – max 60 characters
  • Call to Action – max 15 characters
  • Please note: The font and font size cannot be changed


Tracking & Support

  • Supported on desktop & mobile-web
  • URL redirection (clickthrough URL)
  • 3rd party impression and click tracking tags accepted
  • Click HERE for a PSD template
  • Creative deadline is 3 business days prior to live date. The layered PSD is required so SCA can make minor adjustments if necessary to fit to spec.
  • Mega Ads are subject to SCA content approval and will require revisions if specs are not adhered to.


Deadlines for client-supplied creative:

Please supply creative to the Digital Ad Ops team 3 business days prior to launch


Production Requirements and Deadlines for SCA-produced creative:

If SCA is producing Mega Ad creative for your campaign, please supply the following:

  • Campaign imagery
  • Client’s brand guidelines/style guide
  • Fonts
  • Logos
  • Copy for each frame – Each frame has a 10 word or less limit – Max of 3 frames

There is a 10-day turnaround for production of  animated ads and a 5-day turnaround for static (non-animated) ads

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