Southern Cross Austereo Digital

Everyone knows how important digital media has become, as more and more people gain access, we have an opportunity to interact with a considerably larger audience. Through the many facets of digital media SCA gives you the opportunity to create and provide engaging cross-platform media solutions.


At SCA we love the digital realm and realise if you don’t have a spectacular site then you don’t look…well… spectacular. SCA has over 80 websites across the country and many of those are the highest ranking radio sites in Australia. Our websites reach is in excess of 1.5 million unique browsers every month. We combine smart and engaging creative with a diverse range of ad formats. Our websites combine the use of brilliant design, rich media, animation, games and competitions.


The Today Network websites are the number one radio sites in every market and the Triple M network sites are highly competitive across the country, giving advertisers more opportunity than ever to extend their campaigns online within a unique and entertaining space.


Creating so much awesome content, SCA employs microsites as our more bespoke areas to communicate more in-depth content to users.

So, when users click on a web ad, instead of being taken to a company’s main website, they can be directed to a site specifically created to address or profile a particular promotion, service, product, competition or event. They are becoming more and more popular as they enable advertisers to directly engage with users in a much more targeted manner, (not to mention more fun for the user)

Microsites also allow for a greater level of interactivity with the ability to include games, competitions, flash animation, embedded video and much more.

SCA builds microsites for clients in house every day of the week. They also have tools that allow them to use ‘off the shelf’ functionality to build microsites quickly and cost-effectively.



SCA Social Jan 2014

Social Media

Social media is a beautifully personal way of interacting with our audiences. It gives SCA the chance to engage and converse and provides a new and fluid space to spread our brands and content. Our stations have created fan pages for all the major shows on Facebook and many have and actively use Twitter profiles also.

We currently have over 3.7 million likes across our show and station Facebook pages. The Today Network station pages alone reach up to 6 million people every week.

The opportunities for client integration and uniquely direct conversations are the way of the future for not only SCA but brands everywhere.



Smartphones and tablets have really changed the game in terms of how media is consumed. Now our audiences are interacting with brands from anywhere, whenever they desire with new and changing expectations for each platform. SCA wasn’t going to let opportunities like those slide so developed fantastic mobile applications and m-sites for our leading radio station brands. We also have opportunities for clients to create mobile solutions and drive the uptake of existing mobile properties using other media platforms.


SCA has had over 1 million downloads of our mobile and iPad applications to date, (and growing).



Podcasting allows SCA to provide bespoke, interesting or just plain awesome content across platforms, so its audience can consume it on-demand when and where they like. This helps to deliver content – not restricted by channel – from wherever it may be.

SCA currently sells podcasts for shows as part of the show sponsorship, giving partners close association with SCA talent across multiple platforms, including FM, DAB+, online, video pre-rolls and also the podcasts themselves.